How does Social Media help my SEO?

There are two types of businesses out there, ones that fail and ones that flourish.

Each of these businesses have different reasons for the result, one of these can be their marketing strategy.

Do you put time and effort in your interactive sites, such as your website and social media? Do you keep the readers in the forefront of your thoughts?

If you can picture this scenario in your mind, two people with the same niche and each has a business that is either failing or flourishing in the marketplace.

The failing business puts some effort into their website, puts articles and such up here and there. Not many people know about this business. Their social media presence is near non-existent, they have opened their pages on platforms but don’t put a lot of effort into them, posting and interacting every week.

Then the flourishing business is one that everyone speaks of and gives great reviews. They put a lot more effort into their sites, they keep the readers informed and up to date on changed that happen in their fields, they have good quality content that teaches the readers why they should in fact use their business to help the problems they are facing. They build relationships with people, and make the people feel special.


Google takes into account both of these businesses, it looks into each ones site and sees which is the best, once Google chooses who it thinks will benefit the audience the best, Google picks that business to rank higher on the top page for targeted keyword searches.


Making sure to add great quality content to your websites is the best start. Make sure to show your audience you know what you are doing.

From there, you use your social media as a driving force to push traffic to your website to do what you want them to do.

This is why SEO is so important for your business, it in essence allows Google to choose your business to be more visible for all your potential clients.